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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is Dish Size different from any other measuring tools for dishes?
  2. How do I know what's the right size for me?
  3. Are all dish manufaturers going to be included?
  4. Why are you planning to include utensils?
  5. What is the Caloric Density Mark?
  6. Who can use the numeric Dish Size to lose weight?
  7. Can I buy Dishes that have been pre-sized already?
  8. Can I eat everything using this system for weight loss?
  9. Are you planning to do anything to promote eating healthy portions by children?
  10. You can also go to www.DishDiet.com and www.DishDietPlan.com to learn more about the Dish Diet™.

Answer 1:

Most dish manufacturers today will be able to tell you the diameter or the overall dimensions of your dish. Some might even tell you the volume of your bowls or cups. When it comes to plates we were actually laughed at by their customer service. "The plate is flat it does not have volume" we were tld by many. The joke is on them. most plates have volume and no matter how much volume they have they hold a volume of food. Our sizing system takes this into account and as a result we can assign a specific size to a plate, a bowl or a cup which can then be used interchangably as long as the size is the same.

Answer 2:

Currently you know if the dishware you are using and are able to maintain weight easily. That's your right size. If you have gained extra pounds and have a difficult time losing weight, your dishes may be contributing to this problem. Adjusting the size to one that's right for you will help you get back to your healthy weight. This size may vary and change as your lifestyle changes.

Answer 3:

Our goal is to get them all. You can help us get there by submitting a request for your dishes to be sized.

Answer 4:

Size of utensils is just as important.

Answer 5:

Caloric Density Mark was introduced in the book "The Dish Diet: Watch Your Plate Not Your Weight". It makes it easy to tell food caloric density of food with a simple alphabetical listing. Book is available through Amazon in printed and Kindle version.

Answer 6:

Anyone can, as long as you consult with your doctor first. How fast you lose will be determined by how quickly you can change the dish size and stick to it.

Answer 7:

The original Dish Diet Dishware is not currently available. We are working with other manufacturers and to make them available ASAP on the market.

Answer 8:

Yes, any type of food in any container or out of package as long as it has same Portion Size - Dish SIze.

Answer 9:

Yes we have a book that's entittled "Goldilocks and Three Bears, The Real Scary Story". It comes in a small book printed and kindle version as well as a coloring book. Helps children understand that everyone has a Dish Size that's right for them.