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Now Patented -Dish Diet Method and System™!

Books explain how easy it is to lose weight and keep it of with dishes!.

You Can Size Your OWN Dishware and Get Started!

Put your life in auto-pilot with Dish Size™!


A ruller and a measuring cup is all you need to create your own  dish set. You may have some of the sizes right in your cupboard.  Even though the Dishes That Automate Your Meal Size are not available you can start right now and find the right meal size for you!

The Dish Diet™ dishware has already been sized and provides an easy portion control with easy adjustment to next size. Unfortunately we had to put sale of these on hold to devote our energy to work with businesses and individuals that can help us transform how we eat.

dish sizes

You can still start today on the Dish Diet with your own dishes. Measure your current dishes and enter the two measurements into our formula on this website. The formula will generate the Dish Size™ for you. Finding your next dish size can be fun way to continue on your venture to healthier you.

Adjust your portion by shifting to the next DISH SIZE™ and downsize or upsize if you need to lose or gain weight or stick to your size to maintain it.

Do plates have volume? Do I need to size two plates even though they are the same diameter?

Yes different plates may have different Dish Size™ even though they look the same to you. Yes you can size the plates, bowls, cups and glasses any container you choose to hold your meal. Measure once! Check with us soon or follow us on Facebook. We will continue to work on giving you all the tools you need to succeed in reaching your healthy weight goals.

How quick can I go down to the next size?

Read our book and consult with your doctor who monitors your weight loss. For more information about the Dish Diet™ go to DishDiet.com and DishDietPlan.com.

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