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    Dish Sizes - Popular Brands

    Are your dishes adding inches to your waist? What is your dish size? Are you size 4, 8, 14 or 20? Find the Standard Dish Size™ of the most popular brands of dishes. Just look it up.

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    Can't find your Standard Dish Size™ in our Popular Brand list? Dishes may look alike but they will deliver different size portions. Get to know your real dish! Size it, Use it or Ditch it!



    Why Get Your Standard Dish Size™?

    Your dish can control how much you eat. Get control back! Control your dish instead! Your Standard Dish Size™ matters! Get the book...

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    Take the guess work out of eating. Easily switch to the size that's right for your lifestyle. Excercising today - use size 15. No time to excercise - use size 10 today. Quickly adjust your portion to your needs.

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We Have Your Number!

Life is too short. Now you can save time, money, and simplify your eating. 

Changing the world one dish at a time...

Our plan is simple. Change your dish. Change your life. Tell a friend...

We spent years refineing and designing the patent pending sizing system, so that you can simply follow a numerical system of your dishes to help you lose weight and keep it off.  You can simply change how you eat. Just follow your dish size number and you will know that you are eating right everytime you go to eat. You will be able to help your family stay trim by everyone following their own unique dish size. Find out why and how in our book: "The Dish Diet: Watch Your Plate Not Your Weight"

Help us change your life one dish size at a time...

Help our new generations prevent obesity: "Goldilocks and the Three Bears - The Real Scary Story" Kindle, Paperback and Coloring Book